I’m here looking at my phone wishing I could actually talk to you…the thoughts of you being hostile ,not replying me as I’ve rehearsed in my head keeps taunting me..*sigh
Well ,I wouldn’t say its your fault…guess its mine L. Always never had tym to give my heart out.. you came and you made me a prisoner ..i get flash backs to when we once ‘loved’ .. I remember being scared and you reassuring me you’ll not let me down if I don’t do same..i’d pictured a blissful moment with you.. i was aching at this time from a lost cause I had with a liar.
My head warned me but , why?my heart was too adamant …wish I had turned my heart down ..but I know me.. if I had done that I would wonder till today what you and I wud’ ve made…so bad ,its all broken glass pieces.. I would say I regret but ,I dunoo really what to think…

I wish I had answers to why you cut off your line from loving me back. .but it hurts.. seriously ,it does…cos I still do have my connection …to your heart…its ok.. I understand ‘people change’ they always do .. they come into ur life ,pretend they would stay with you tru the worse. .a little drizzle of rain tears and they off, ‘viola!’…outta ur life ….people do change.. but they do cos they came to take advantage ,when the advantage has been ripped off or is no more. .they disappear.. ‘thin’ into the air…

I’m not against you.. I still care but if u not doing this ,no point saying ‘I GUESS’.. I’ll leave and trust me..i know how to ,I do.. I’m still trying because I know I dint make up my mind to stop beating for you just yet. Thats y I still think of u and want u to be mine..imma set my mind to it.. all I need is for you to break my heart completely ,I need you to do that for us..cos “ its painful going apart but more painful holding on” …

317 words and I still think I ‘ve not said it all…
“SO MANY WORDS ALL WRITTEN IN SCRAPS ”.. maybe that’s y I can’t find my medium …
Feel sleepy … adios .xx

I dont want to fall anymore

I hate that I give my all to people and they never seem to treat ♍e with what I treat them with! Somtyms,I wanna just hate everybody!other times,I just can’t say wat I really feel… My second shot and its same as the first… I’m not giving my all to anyone anymore! Till u proove that u worth it!n

I don’t feel so good! This is so pointless and I don’t know why its affecting ♍e…. Sigh*i feel like I’m crying inside my heart but the tears seem to get lost on its way to my eyes 😦

Listening to “Chrisbrowns -dont wake ♍e up” *sigh

I’m allowed to…

I’m allowed to share a very old page in a friends diary … Talks about her insecurity
No one knew my friend was insecure about herself .. We’all thought of her as a very elegant and beautiful person..but she thought otherwise… U can’t imagine the awe I was in when she let ♍e into her diary.. My face went ” O_O :O +_o :O “.. Hahaha! That was fuNny (to ♍e tho :D)
Well,she was so insecure,thought she was too skinny..had a big nose.. Dint think her eyes were pretty.. -_- I was like “serzly? You kidding ♍e” …she wrote
          “Sometimes,I wish I could as well die”… Le shocker of life … O_O .. Die? Wow wow wow..
Let’s take a pause here..she wanted to die cause she’s not pretty .. Hmm..I know some of us on here know wat I’m talking about..
  Sometimes,it feels like the only thing to do but trust ♍e..IT AINT..    There’s always one person at least that loves you.. #np bruno mars -just the way you are..(Slowly fades) 🙂  
Well..that’s what insecurity can do…
(=| … My story was boring right? 😦 ikr? But just thought I’d share it with you guys..
      Gatta go.. My sweetheart needs ♍e :$ .. Just kidding -_- lol
X•O•X•O” Image